Since Spring 2020, DMACS has fielded surveys to capture how Detroit residents have experienced and been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The DMACS team shares the survey results with state and local policymakers, media organizations, and community groups to help decision-makers understand the various impacts of the pandemic, and possibly direct their relief efforts in ways that best matched Detroiters’ experiences and priorities. DMACS surveys continue to include questions to assess the ongoing impact of COVID-19.
Survey Toplines:

Wave 7 Toplines (3/31/20-4/9/20)

Wave 8 Toplines (4/23/20-5/7/20)

Wave 9 Toplines (5/28/20-6/11/20)

Wave 10 Toplines (7/15/20-7/29/20)

Wave 11 Toplines (10/14/20-10/28/20)

Wave 12 Toplines (1/6/21-3/5/21)

Wave 13 Toplines (6/2/21-7/9/21)

Wave 14 Toplines (11/3/21-12/15/21)