Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DMACS survey approach?

  • Conduct periodic surveys of representative sample of Detroit residents
  • Ask about residents’ experiences, perceptions, opinions and aspirations for their neighborhoods, the City, and the region
  • Co-develop each survey with one or more lead partners around a main theme
  • Disseminate results via multiple methods/channels

For a detailed description of our survey methodology, please see Methodology Wave 3, Summer 2018.

What makes DMACS unique?

To ensure that community leaders have access to reliable public opinion data, DMACS conducts and reports out on surveys of Detroiters carefully designed to capture the multitude of experiences and perspectives of residents. As a research tool for Detroit area decision-makers, DMACS is unique in its scale (providing deep intel across the entire city); representativeness (leveraging state-of-the-art scientific methods); and continuity (engaging a consistent panel of respondents year after year).

How can I access DMACS findings and data?

We are eager to share our findings and data with city officials, non-profits, business and community leaders, neighborhood organizations, researchers and philanthropies to inform policies and programs, and guide investments that better reflect the interests of Detroit residents. If you are interested in accessing DMACS data or would like to speak with a member of our team about our results, please contact us. We would also like to share and discuss our findings with your group, if you are interested. Please email us at:

Who can take DMACS surveys?

Survey participants are randomly selected from a list of all household addresses in Detroit to ensure that the sample reflects the general population of the City. Selected households receive an invitation letter by mail.